Grades: 5-12

  • British Columbia History
  • Pre-Confederation Canadian History
  • British North American Colonial History
  • Aboriginal History Pacific Northwest
Key Topics
  • The creation of the Colony of British Columbia
  • The Fraser Canyon and Cariboo Gold Rushes
  • Primary and secondary source analysis
  • Historical causation

Author: Lindsay Gibson
Editors: Roland Case, John Lutz and Jenny Clayton
Historical Researcher: Jenny Clayton, PhD, Department of History, University of Victoria
Developed by: The Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2)

What Were the Real Reasons for Creating the Colony of British Columbia?

Step 4: Assign the documents for investigation

Students are now ready to examine the collection of nine documents found in #4 Core Documents: What Were the Real Reasons for Creating the Colony of British Columbia?. Inform students that most of the documents focus on one of the suggested major causes, but several documents touch on more than one cause:

  • Cause A: Fear of US annexation
  • Cause B: British government wanted to protect gold
  • Cause C: Avoid conflict between Aboriginals and miners
  • Cause D: End HBC’s trade monopoly

Organize students into groups of six, and assign students within each group to work in pairs on the following documents:

  • Pair A: Core Documents #1-3
  • Pair B: Core Documents #4-6
  • Pair C: Core Documents #7-9
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Suggested Activities