Grades: 5-12

  • British Columbia History
  • Canadian History
  • British North American Colonial History
  • Aboriginal History in British Columbia
Key Topics
  • James Douglas “Father of British Columbia”
  • Important events in the historical development of British Columbia
  • Analysis of primary and secondary sources

Author: Lindsay Gibson
Editors: Roland Case, John Lutz and Jenny Clayton
Historical Researcher: Jenny Clayton, PhD, Department of History, University of Victoria
Developed by: The Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2)

Did Governor James Douglas Deserve to be Knighted?

Step 7: Present the conclusions

Arrange for each team to present its findings to the rest of the class. Ask students to structure their presentation in the following manner:

  • an overview of the important details of their assigned incident using the previously completed final master copy of #5 Investigating the Incident as a guide.
  • the ratings and key evidence for each of the three criteria, and the overall rating of any concerns about Douglas’ worthiness for a knighthood.

Before beginning the presentations, distribute two additional copies of activity sheet, #12 Rating Douglas’s Worthiness to all students. Instruct students to complete one of these sheets while each of the other teams delivers its presentation.

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