Grades: 9-12

  • History of Western Canada
  • British North American Colonial History
  • Aboriginal History
Key Topics
  • Aboriginal Treaties
  • European-Aboriginal relations in the second half of the 19th Century
  • Primary and secondary source analysis

Author: Lindsay Gibson
Editors: Roland Case, John Lutz and Jenny Clayton
Historical Researcher: Jenny Clayton, PhD, Department of History, University of Victoria
Developed by: The Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2)

Were the Douglas Treaties and the Numbered Treaties Fairly Negotiated?

Step 3: Assign the documents for investigation

Students are now ready to examine various primary and secondary documents found in #6 Sources on the Douglas Treaties and/or #7 Sources on the Numbered Treaties. Create eight teams and use the following chart to assign the documents to each team. If using only one set of treaties, assign two teams to each cluster of documents. Distribute a copy of each of the assigned documents to every member of the team.

Numbered Treaties Douglas Treaties
Documents # 1-4 Documents # 1-4
Documents # 5-7 Documents # 5-8
Documents # 8-11 Documents # 9 -11
Documents # 12-16 Documents #12-16
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Suggested Activities